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This website is designed to give something back to the visually impaired community out there. All the software on this site is accessible both by sight and by sound.

This website can be viewed in a number of styles: Currently in high contrast, it can be changed back to normal view, or large font. Most browsers support changing styles, for example, in Internet Explorer go to the view menu, and choose styles. (HotKey altV then Y)

It's a work in progress. Currently there are 1 free accessible game and 2 free accessible utilities, with several more in development. My personal favourite is my Drive your car game. The latest adition is a dialog creater which can help you easily create your own dialogs.

To check out the games, visit:

Storm Productions's Games

To check out the accessible software, and to see what else is in development, visit:

Storm' Productions's Friendly Software Page

To talk to me, use:


Message Board

Woopsie! Forgot to update the e-mail in the contact information heading. Also, added a chat for you to join. You can log in by using a Guest account, Twitter, Facebook, or other ways. BTW, I'm working with Martin Gonzalez on a fishing game. We've already made the inventory, the boat, and the main menu. We'll try to release the first beta version as soon as we'll be ready to do it. Also, I'm gonna discontinue Drive your car after releasing the last update I've prepared for you. Still has some bugs, so I'm fixing them, and when it's done I'll release it. Thanks for reading, goodbye for now!

Completely stopped the webmail, now, you can send me messages using the contact ways, which were also updated.

I promised that I'm gonna release a new Drive your Car update, right? There you go! It's released! Go there to download it!

Again changed the design, allowing visually impaired and sighted people to access this website.

Licensing and the legal bit

All of the programs on this website are freeware and are the intellectual property of Nicusor Untila, aka Storm Productions. No alteration, claim of ownership or sale is permitted. You are allowed one copy free, for personal use, without warrantee, without liability. If you represent a commercial or not for profit organisation and wish to redistribute this software, please email me.


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Any suggestions or feedback welcome. My email, suitably disguised to avoid those bots, is:


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